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Noises Of Russia
"Смирение (Humility)"
aquarel 14-10

Under the cover of the 3rd studio album of Noises Of Russia - a project which has chosen Tanatos to be their perpetual muse - there are two post-modern mysteries at once, two doors to the viscous and twilight space encyclopaedically oversaturated with the symbols of death of various traditions. The final countdown turns into a long immersion in a cold cerbal-sonic abyss where it's impossible to find out for sure if you are calmed or frightened, comforted or sneered at... if they mourn for you, a mortal, or are they glad for you, an immortal. The album also contains a ritual video for the track "Spirit", not however making the issue more clear.

2CD, limited edition 500 copies in digisleeve

Left side:
1. Contemplation 
2. Hate
3. Death Always Becomes Closer 
4. Image
5. Spirit 
6. Shvetashvatara Upanishad (fragm.)

Right side:
1. Part I
2. Part II 
3. Part III 
4. Part IV



“Next up is a double CD by Noises Of Russia, a somewhat obscure 'group' it seems. No names, nor instruments are mentioned on the cover. If you open this in itunes, the text is all Russian, and so are the texts which are off and on mumbled into a microphone. We can merely guess what they are about (titles, in English on the cover, are 'Contemplation', 'Hate', 'Image', or 'Death Always Becomes Closer'), but no doubt life is unpleasant. This is all guided by music that is played on some analogue synthesizer (or two), bell like percussion, maybe some treated guitar. Quite depressing music. Is it bad? Not really. Is it good, then? Well, no, either. But I guess that's not the point of this music. No doubt there is something about altered states or such like about this.”