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"Seed Solar"
aquarel 16-10

Joint release of Aquarellist and Vetvei labels - new Vresnit album recorded in winter-autumn 2010 in cooperation with Kshatriy, Hladna and Neznamo. Qualitatively new in project creativity a five-part ambient space dedicated to the Culture Solar beginnings and transfiguring seeds disseminating. Vresnit art is turned to research primary being experience, - human consciousness conditions being resonant to the general nature. Sparkling cosmogonic Drone Ambient twined from voices, string and wind instruments, bells, singing bowls, electronic instruments and field recordings. Great Kshatriy mastering, solar full-colored envelope and card Vresnit & Vetvei Art.

CD, limited edition 484 in cardboard folder

1. Preobrazhenie. feat. Hladna
2. Zerno Sfera. feat. Hladna & Neznamo
3. Veda – tanec.
4. Zashitnyj Svet.  Kshatriy & Vresnit



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