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"Media Studies"
aquarel 17-11

New album is dedicated to the research of mass media’s manipulation of people’s minds. "These recordings include the voice of David Icke. They reflect on the role of the media in shaping and informing opinions (the war in Iraq for example showed the shameless use of the media by a government intent on war whatever the real facts were) and in furthering prejudices and persecution of those who have differing views and dare to express them .
In 1991 Icke was "interviewed " on a well known prime time chat show with the sole purpose of public humiliation for "entertainment " value.
There are many instances of the use of media for manipulation and propaganda and many have succumbed to the pressures when the media has been directed against them by malevolent forces (Dr David Kelly , UN weapons inspector in Iraq)
The words of David Icke are used here in a benign and impartial way,.
Whatever your views about the thoughts of the man you have to admire his tenacity against the odds."
Robin Storey

CD, limited edition 500 copies in digipak with two cards

1. TW is a ****
2. Raggazine
3. News Georgia
4. The VItal Idiot
5. New Pearl Harbour
6. Talkin'..cant hear you
7. Survey the World

Disclaimer: Any similarity to any one living or dead is entirely due to Quantum Physics, string theory and parallel universes.

all music composed and performed by Robin Storey.



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