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aquarel 02-05

New Bardoseneticcube album is inspired by life and works of Nika Turbina - a poetess who started to write grown-up tragic poems when she was only 4 years old. "This is not me writing, this is God leading my hand", - the small girl used to say. First Nika's book of poems came out when she was only 9, and was later translated in 12 languages. After living pathologically strange life, receiving the most prestigious poetic prize "Golden Lion", and being held in mental hospital, at the age of 27 Nika tragically died falling down from the 5th floor window. The musical dedication of Bardoseneticcube is presented in 12 untitled tracks filled with surrealistic feelings and some childish morbidity. Obscure loops and industrial soundscapes are buried under a pile of rhyme wreckage, melody fragments and almost chaotic manifold of strange sounds.

CD in jewel case, limited edition 509 hand-numbered copies.

12 untitled tracks.

Rain. The night. A broken window.
And splinters of glass
Have got stuck in the air
Like the leaves
Which have not been picked up by the wind
Suddenly - a ring...
Human life
In the same way breaks.

I am tarragon,
Bitterness on my lips,
Bitterness in my words,
I am tarragon...
Above the steppe - a sigh
By a wind it is surrounded
The stalk is thin and small,
It's broken...
The pain bears a
Bitter tear.
Onto the ground it will fall
I am tarragon..

"Surreal crooked ambient filled with sonic associations with a phenomenon of soul serving as a conductor from the outer spheres and destroying earthly existence".

Recorded using: Tesla LF generator, vinyl record "Nika Turbina reads her poems" (Melodiya, 1982), sandpaper, toy instruments, old records, metal objects, plug-ins.

Musician: Igor Potssukailo.
Dedicated to Nika Turbina (
Artwork by Yuri Elik.



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