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Côte Déserte
"Dale Cooper's Case"
aquarel 19-11

A Moscow - St.Petersburg based project inspired by Angelo Badalamenti's score for the "Twin Peaks" TV series. The project's music is a cocktail made of jazz, ambient and modern experimental music which will appeal to the fans of such bands as Dale Cooper Quartet And The Dictaphones, The Necks, Bohren & Der Club Of Gore, No-Man, etc.

"Dale Cooper’s Case" is the long awaiting mini-album by Cote Deserte, a duo from Russia.

While working on their full length album guys decided to not to pull back their demo material which was based on amazing work by Angelo Badalametni for David Lynch’s Twin Peaks TV-series and the movie.

Cote Deserte’s album is so much dark and jazzy as the mood that was given us by Badalamenti.

With some ambient and noise experiments this CD brings an additional page to Twin Peaks world, telling a story of Dale Cooper (main character) and unique atmosphere of The Red Room.

Fans of dark ambient will be pleased as well as fans of thoughtful, slow-motion music.

With help of their friends this album also has two special tracks: reworks by Ilia Belorukov, famous avant-garde saxophonist from St.-Petersburg, and Dmitriy Krotevich – experimentalist, known for his work in Punktieren project.

6 tracks, 33 minutes.

CD, limited edition 500 copies in a cardboard envelope

1.Dale Cooper’s Theme [mp3]
2.In the Red Room 
3.The Red Room Revisited 
4.The Owls Are Not What They Seem [mp3]
5.Dale Cooper’s Theme (Ilia Belorukov Remix)
6.Dale Cooper’s Theme (Dmitriy Krotevich Rework)

Philip Croaton
piano, keyboards, fx, programming, noises (3)

Maxim V. Komov
guitars, acoustic and electric basses, drums, drum loops, fx, programming

Sergey Komov - guitar on Dale Cooper’s Theme
Ilia Belorukov - alto saxophone on The Red Room Revisited

Composed and recorded in 2010 at Fate Speaks studio and Radical Scope Records, 
except Dale Cooper`s Theme - composed in 2008, recorded in 2008, 2010.
Mixed and mastered by Maxim V. Komov at Radical Scope Records in 2011.
Cover art by Sergey Patrakov and Igor Kharitonov.



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