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"Down To The Cellar"
aquarel 21-12

The second album of Moscow droners WRIST shows a versatile approach to drone jazz matters. With iridescent paints from jazz, noise, electronic, ambient and even shoegaze pallettes the sound of WRIST stepping down to the cellar remain authentic and recognizable. And this soggy vault door may lead you to the Ivory Coast shore with still other things to beware.

«Blind Alley» demonstrates drone, jazz and noise background packed in a more straightforward hit song form — even with vocal hooks by sung by Kira Lao —so should we call it «dronepop»?
The next thing — «Soap Thriller» — probably answers «No» — turning twilight lounge guitar jazz tune into a crude noisy maelstrom with drums hammering nails into the coffin with the grace of an elephant in amok.

CD, limited edition 300 copies in digisleeve

1. Down to the Cellar to Ivory Coast
2. Screed
3. Blind Alley
4. Soap Thriller
5. Orphan Drug
6. Silences Murmur (bonus track, Live in DOM)
7. Down to the Cellar (bonus track, Live in DOM)

Alexey Petrakov - guitar, electronics (3,5)
Evgenya Sivkova - sax, trumpet (1)
Anton Efimov - guitar
Dima Ch. - bass
Alexei Gusakov - drums
Kira Lao - vocals (3,7)

Recorded and mastered at Pri-Zvuk Studio by Karl, 2011