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"Aeriform Redux ‎"
aquarel 22-13

WYRM (2000-2011). The project is now defunct and all activities have ceased. 11 years the archetype had been explored and exploited - new territories will be mapped out with Solumenata…

Solumenata, WYRM co-founders Liz Lang (aka Auracene) and Allan Zane with the addition of PBK, have embarked on a new musical journey--taking them out of the “darkness” and into a “light” that is almost bone-bleaching. Six months even before the release of the farewell WYRM CD, Solumenata debuted with their first LP ‘Aeriform’ on the Russian SEALT label in the Summer of 2011. In less than three months, the LP sold out.

2013 sees the reissue of the first Solumenata LP on Aquarellist - now as a CD with many bonus tracks as ’Aeriform Redux’. Limited edition of 300 copies -with the first 50 containing a video DVD-r!

CD, limited edition 250 copies in digisleeve

1. You Will Not Be Allowed To Ask Any Questions 
2. Arcane Yew Rum 
3. Genesyx 
4. Sidewinder Sermons 
5. Zion Corrupt 
6. Genesyx Prismatic
7. To Elysian Fields
8. Aeriform
9. Archenvoss

Recordings made 2010 & 2012.

This incarnation of Solumenata were:
Liz Lang (Auracene)
Allan Zane
(Thanks to Robin Storey for samples)

Dedicated to memory of WYRM (2000-2011)
Rest in peace under "Onyx Rainbows"