strange sound for strange people
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aquarel 25-13 b

"Brief moments of seemingly grasping something previously hidden from view. Snow melting on a deserted concrete platform at a station with no name in an urban wasteland. White trees, limbs outstretched as if barring the way into the deeper woods and the darkness. Bone sentinels. A faint memory of once knowing and now forgotten. Elusive and dreamlike the ghosts return." [Robin Storey / Rapoon]

2CD, limited edition 100 copies in digisleeve with silk-screen printing

1. Shake Root
2. Sentire
3. Scream Chasm
4. Long Wave Theory
5. More Halls And Afternoons Of Sun
6. In Voice We See
7. Eyes That Have Left Us
8. Particles Tremble
9. Smoke Glass Weed
10. Yet Blows The Dust
11. In Finished Light
12. Again The Call
1. Live At L.A.C.E.
Live at Los Angeles Contemporare Exhibitions 19th July 1996. 

all music composed and performed by Robin Storey