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Somnambulist Quintet
"The Big Sleep & The Nightjar Looks On"
aquarel 34-16

Somnambulist Quintet is an electronic jazz music project by Darren Johnson which attempts to blur the boundaries between electronic sampling and live performance. The music is notable for its tense and unpredictable shifts and turns, as well as its detailed sampling of saxophone and percussion. Seemingly improvised jazz recordings are in fact hand written and then digitally stitched together from single hit samples which have been edited individually for pitch, length, and timbre. Piano and bass, however, are performed live. [artist info] Reissue of two EPs previously released on CDRs in 2009 and 2010

CD, limited edition 100 numbered copies in jewel case

1. Aon
2. Blackfriars
3. Esdlr (or Owl Parliament)
4. Stonegate
5. Oak
6. Introduction
7. Suspended Conscious
8. Danse Macabre
9. Sevens & Eights
10. Retirement
11. Light Pollution
12. The Awakening (Nineteen 20 II)
all music composed and performed by Darren Johnson 
tracks 1-5 originally released on The Big Sleep, 2010
Written, recorded and produced in York, UK
between January and March 2010
tracks 6-12 originally released on The Nightjar Looks On, 2009
Written, recorded and produced in Bruxelles , Belgium
between February and June 2009