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Detour Doom Project
"Nothing Remains Of Us"
aquarel 37-16

Imagine a long, empty, foggy road…leading through the deserts on an  endless highway…surrounding by nothing…only the darkness of the night…
This is the sound of Detour Doom Project, a doom jazz act from Italy and Germany.
The band was formerly founded in 2014 , a fusion of members from several bands from Italy and USA : Macellaria Mobile di Mezzanotte, Interview, Spiteful Womb and Rosengarten.
In 2016 a new singer join the band, Bjarkan Wolfsdóttir from Germany (NO†HING MORE †O SAY).
Creating dark atmospheres, persuasive and dilated, directly inspired by visions in monochromatic dreamscapes and deserts is the goal of this project.
Detour Doom Project pays tribute to the atmosphere of Film Noir. The biggest influences are in fact b&w movies made of shadows and thrills.
If you like the sounds of Bohren & der Club of Gore, Angelo Badalamenti, David Lynch, The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation,  Dale Cooper Quartett, The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble, Hidden Orchestra and the dark ambient school of the 90's…you would also like Detour Doom Project.
The compositions like long soundtracks for suspended atmospheres…hauntingly…gloomy.

The debut album "Detour Doom“ released in february 2016 tried to merge the typical noir doom sounds with jazz and ambient / drone music.

CD, limited edition 300 copies in jewel case

1. The Sky is Endless  5:23
2. Motel of Broken Heart  2:31
3. Nightfall  4:53
4. Red Doom Room 6:59
5. Guilty  6:35
6. Midnight Queen in Black Nylon Stockings  5:51
7. Distant Love  5:29
8. The Long Goodbye  10:19
Adriano Vincenti: Sampler, Electronics, Concept 
Gianni Pedretti: Electronics, Synth 
Michele Malaguti: Electronics, Synth, Sound Manipulation 
Bjarkan Wolfsdóttir: Vocals, Lyrics, Piano, Synth
Izzy Op de Beeck: Trumpet 
Photography by Michele Brittany
Recorded in Bologna, Rome and Uedem during 2016 
Mastered by Michele Malaguti, October 2016