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"Imagery Resonance ‎"
aquarel 05-07

After a lot of collaborations, reworks and live releases of the last few years, this is finally a full length studio solo album by Akifumi Nakajima. Recorded using percussion synthesizer amdek pck-100, it shows the great sound manipulations talent of this japanese artist at its best. "Imagery Resonance" is one of the most atmospheric and at the same time diverse work of the project to date - drone ambient and subtle noise morphings live in good harmony with rhythmic parts and electronic structures, adding another brilliant to Aube discography. The release comes as a beautiful paper folder limited to 1000 copies.

CD, limited edition 1000 copies in cardboard folder

01 Undertone
02 Groundloop
03 Imagery Resonance
04 Exosphere

Recorded in October – November 2007 in studio Mecca, Kyoto, Japan, with a percussion synthesizer amdek pck-100.

Sound & Design : Akifumi Nakajima.



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