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"Nadir Of Purdah"
aquarel 06-07 / TANTRA X43

The CD reissue of the very old Muslimgauze material never been released on CD before.Tracks 1-3 are taken from the "Nile Quartra" 7" (originally released by Jara, 1994), tracks 4-7 from the "Nadir Of Purdah" 12" (originally released by Jara, 1995),track 8 taken from the "Impulse #4" (Impulse Magazine Tape Compilation).

CD, limited edition 200 copies in a special digipak from a corrugated cardboard

CD, limited edition 500 copies in a jewel case version with insert and clear tray

1. Nile Quartra 
2. Exitintoday 
3. Thugghee 
4. Nadir Of Purdah 
5. Beauty Of Sharia 
6. Sarin And Tabun 
7. The Taliban 
8. Thief Severed Hand

all tracks written/played/recorded by Muslimgauze, Manchester 1994 - 1995
a Tantric Harmonies / Aquarellist Joint  release, 2008