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"The Sound Of Dakini Laughter"
aquarel 56-21

Performed by Alexei Tegin, Dmitry Globa, Eduard Utukin and Andrey Grekov
rgyud-skad overtone singing and ritual instruments
Recorded in Moscow, February 2009, by Aspherical Asphyxia prod.
A live performance in Ex:Libris, Turgenev Library Concert Hall

CD, limited edition of 100 copies in a 4-panel soft touch laminated digipak

1. Chod 49:28
2. Mu Ye 19:50

"The Sound of Dakini Laughter", a ritual of Chod (or "cutting through the Ego").
"External chod is to wander in fearful places where there are deities and demons. Internal chod is to offer one's own body as food to the deities and demons. Ultimate chod is to realize the true nature of the mind and cut through the fine strand of hair of subtle ignorance."
In Zhang Zhung language of ancient Bon writings "Ye" is "the highest" or "supreme", and "Mu" stands for "sky" or "space".